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Autonomous Engines

It’s extremely important to have a powerful autonomous multi engines synchronizing their tasks with each other seamlessly. In order to achieve effective digital transformation the architecture must consider multiple users journeys by multiple roles to achieve multiple things. Here are some of the capabilities INFAWEB offers.

  • User access and groups
  • Secure device commissioning
  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Instant email/SMS notifications
  • 1 Million+ data processing
  • Securely connects 100K+ IoT devices
  • Geolocation & weather data
  • AI and ML models
  • Low platform costs
  • Works with Slack, Whatsapp, and Alexa
Digitise any asset using INFABOTs

Don’t spend huge costs on upgrading infrastructure, rather make your legacy devices smart using Infabot. It has rich features with built in sensors ideal to digitise your existing assets. Infabot acts as a perfect transparent bridge between any legacy assets and cloud, and also provides with value additional intelligence using the inbuilt industrial-grade sensors.

  • Configure, Connect, and Control
  • Commissioning and authentication
  • Instant fault notifications
  • Secure connection to any cloud
  • Periodic data monitoring
  • Temperature, Humidity, 3-axis vibration, CO sensors
  • Multi configuration storage
  • RS485, RS232, MODBUS, BacNet, MQTT

Boiler Diagnostics

Disrupting heating repairs and services

Calling all Boiler installation and service companies to digitalize your Boilers and Heat pumps, take advantage of our bespoke Boiler diagnostics platform to reduce the repair costs and increase the customer satisfaction. Here are the supported brands, the highlight features includes.

  • 24/7 remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Identifies 80% of boiler problems precisely
  • App alerts with customer-friendly description
  • Instant Fault codes notification
  • Advanced algorithms using weather data
  • Self analyse the heating issues
  • Provision to AI and ML models
  • Low cost
  • Identifies self fix problems and sms with youtube videos


Revolutionise the power of IoT

Take advantage of the real power of IoT by building your own Bot, in most of the scenarios off-the-shelf products are only good for general problems, many times you cannot find the right solution for your business needs, with self resilient adaptable modules we can quickly build a bot choosing right technology in no time to fit the exact solution, which then gives a full visibility for the end product. Here are some of the proven technologies that work together with modular bots.

  • WiFi, BLE
  • LoRa, Thread, ZigBee, SubGhz
  • CAN Bus
  • Touch displays
  • High-resolution sensors
  • LTE/3G modems
  • RS485, RS232, Serial comms

Smart Lighting

Illuminate your lighting ideas

If you are in the lighting industry and looking for the right technology to add intelligence for your lighting products then you landed in the right place, connectivity, and monitoring in lighting is a critical aspect to make the smart light real smart. Here are some highlight features we offer

  • WiFi, BLE connectivity
  • 5000+ colour variations
  • Usage monitoring
  • Easy commissioning
  • Connect directly without a router
  • Schedule with your calendar
  • Group control