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New around here ? Start With the Basics

Why us

With our invaluable two decades experience in Embedded, Cloud, IoT technologies we can empower you with the right solutions, resolve teething issues, intelligent features adding value to your products and services, enhancing ease of maintenance  and reducing project spend.

Who is Infabytes

Infabytes evolved as an IoT consultancy in 2016 to simplify technology application and make bespoke cost-effective solutions to our customer needs. We are not run by any investors or corporate leaders, we have been operating for the past 5 years purely by solving our customer problems and gaining customers by good references. Including our founder Bala Vakamalla we are a strong passionate hands-on technical team valuing your money spend and delivering the right results.

How can I trust you

Do not take our word, please take a look at our customer testimonials, only with outstanding service we can retain our customers. With the Product and IoT solutions there is no contract, if you are not happy with our service, you are free to discontinue anytime. However we are very confident in our  expertise and will deliver the work to gain your trust.

Who can we help

We can help organisations

-Looking to enhance IoT connectivity technology to new products.

-Looking for software maintenance on existing HVAC products.

-Looking to convert their  product Ideas which need leveraging IoT technology.

-Looking for data center remote monitoring and control, secure user access control and analytics from a combination of various data sources.

I am not happy with the service received, will you refund my money

We operate on very tight deadlines and low margins, however there might be few unknown occasions we might face challenges with the agreed deliverables. In those scenarios, we will seek additional time to resolve the issues without any additional costs, if you are still not happy with the work carried out we will then refund back your money.

What will happen after I register by clicking Get Started button

We will assign an account manager and a technical team member to understand the problem and the area you need help with , then we will get back with a plan and breakdown your needs into actionable deliverables . Once agreed we will create a new account and will take all the hassle away and keep you updated at every stage to match your expectations.

What are the stages each deliverable will go through

Analysis ->  Design ->  Implementation -> Validation-> Release, some tasks do require Investigation, we will notify you if any deliverables require investigation.

Do you follow agile framework

Yes, we do follow agile methodologies leveraging the benefits like enhancing speed to market, ability to fail fast, and transparency on the product life cycle. We have sprint demos and deliverables snapshot tailored by sprint cadence.

Can I change my requirements halfway through

Yes, however please keep in mind the deliverables deadline will be tailored accordingly.

Can Infabytes team members be able to work at client site

Yes, however the logistics can be agreed separately.

Can Infabytes team attend regular meetings with clients team

Yes, we can be treated as your extended team.

Who owns the IP

Our clients will have full copy rights and ownership of the IP developed using all our services except on using our products.

Can Infabytes supports mechanical design

We outsource mechanical design to our trusted partner who can help you by providing 3D models, enclosure designs and everything needed for your shiny product.

How much Enterprise solutions package costs

Every business is unique and every problem will have its own challenges, therefore pricing  depends on the scope of the project. First we understand your needs and problems, and then will come up with few feasible options that suit your situation. Cost is always secondary for us rather than solving your problem.

Can Infabytes supports electronic design

Yes, we have a lab in Leicester and Bengaluru where we do design, prototyping and have very good Electronics design partners across U.K and India to help you.

Can Infabytes supports mechanical design

We outsource mechanical design to our trusted partner who can help you by providing 3D models, enclosure designs and everything needed for your shiny product.

What technologies are supported in IoT solutions package

Cloud technologies, application development, Devops, Database, Cache, Security, web architecture,HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript,  jQuery, Android, iOS, Python, PHP, Angular, ReactJS , MongoDB, AWS, Azure, UI/UX design, Linux, REST APIs, SOAP APIs, AI, ML model, time saving algorithms.

What technologies are supported in Products solutions package

Modbus, BACnet
WiFi 2.4/5GHz, Bluetooth BLE, Classic
LoRaWAN, LoRa node
2G/3G/4G/5G Cellular
ZigBee Smart Energy/Home Automation
Thread, IPv6, IPv4
RS232, RS422, RS485
RTOS, FreeRTOS, Firmware
Linux, Device drivers, Kernel, FreeBSD, Yocto
Boiler protocols, EMS, eBUS, OpenTherm

What are the typical products Infabytes software can support

Smart devices
Edge devices
Smart lights
Smart battery powered devices
Smart meters used by utility providers
Sensors (Temperature, Humidity, CO2)
Magnetometer, Accelerometer, Gyroscope
Battery operated devices
BMS, HVAC systems
Modbus, BACnet controllers