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We are privileged with the opportunity provided by HomeServe plc to transform their idea into a robust digital platform which has the capability to connect and manage thousands of Thermobot devices per year reliably, our platform helps their business in reducing operation costs and remote fault diagnostics for the most common heating systems in U.K and EU. We managed to successfully complete the first phase of the project in less than 6 months time.


We empower Nortek by supporting all of their CDU ranges, each CDU contains an embedded system controller which controls, industrial grade pumps, valves, sensors etc, we support the core functionality that has atleast 500+ complex features with approximately 400,000+ lines of embedded code. With our niche engineering skills we ensure the smooth operation of this project and add value to Nortek’s business expansion.

Climair, Superhub

This is the first project that supported Infabytes and one of the favourite, the team is only four talented individuals coming together as one team to form Novo innovations and build the product from scratch to market in less than a year time. This smart product can work with 90% of the popular market brands of the split Air conditioning systems from anywhere in the world from an app. We added many clever features for the end customers to save the energy bills and also to provide the comfort and control. Using the same platform we also involved in various other products like environmental sensor, motion sensor and smart radiator valves (TRV).

Prepaid Smart Meter

We have worked on developing a smart prepaid meter comms hub which has capabilities of ZigBee and 4G to form a gateway within a network of smart meters. We are involved from prototype to the manufacturing of a few samples.